• When competition is intense and every possible product or service are getting lapped up by organizations as a means to add to their bottom line, one can turn his eye to the apparently less attractive sector of recycling electronic waste.

    Ecommerce and robotics may be the flavor of the season; if an entrepreneur wants to create a sustainable business model and besides earning money, also has the intention of contributing to the society and the environment in a more direct manner than is usually done by most organizations, recycling of electronic waste is a very good choice.

    For people who are looking to invest in this sector and build an organization from the scratch, here are some tips that might be of help in the course of their journey:

    • Conduct a survey or have a good idea and understanding of the type of electronic waste you will be handling, once your recycling facility is up and running.

    • Make a solid business plan. Hire an accountant and a lawyer while you are planning your business. This can save you from legal issues in the future and also enhance the depth and scope of your plan when you will pitch the same in front of an investor or a banker for a loan.

    • You have to plan and strike the right balance between investing in robots and skilled men on your shop floor. If you hire sub-par manpower, you will never be able to achieve the level of efficiency and profitability that you are targeting. Also, do not be reluctant to train your employees properly, if their skill sets do not match the requirements.

    • Try to create an assembly line than can include all sorts of electronic items that are generally used in your area or from the areas that will act as a source of supplying electronic scrap to your workshop.

    • Create awareness in the vicinity of your facility about the importance of recycling e-waste. Then only you will have a steady flow of electronic scrap without much effort to acquire the same.

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