• Enterprises are heavily reliant on the scalability and flexibility of their IT infrastructure and are not reluctant to spend millions of dollars on upgrading them. This is because of the fact that the nature of business has changed to 'as is, when is' mode, from the previous approaches that were comparatively sloth and allowed some room for delayed actions and disrupted services.

    In fact, modernization of IT infrastructure has been part of the long term strategy for most of the companies, as they are realizing the importance of data and the value they can derive from it. In a data driven economy where people are interconnected 24x7 through their smartphones, tablets and laptops, overwhelming amount of data are generated every second. Now the question that arises is where to store such astronomical amount of bits and bytes, given that investment in physical infrastructure is among the less prioritized items on the To Do lists of CXOs.

    Cloud Storage and Virtual Data Center have emerged to be the champions in solving such problems. Both of these new solutions offer significant advantages to enterprises migrating from conventional storage mechanisms to the more futuristic ones. Safety, security, reliability, reduced requirement of space, fast and 'anytime, anywhere' access of data by authorized persons, etc., being some of the highlights, it is really hard for enterprises to ignore cloud storage and virtual data centers.

    Incidentally, the rise in awareness and a shift in attitude of companies in favor of the modern solutions to data storage has proved to be a boon for enterprises offering services associated with the recovery of data and other crucial IT assets.

    Qualified professionals having proven expertise are employed to extract the value of redundant IT assets – be it storage mediums, data or any other part of a business PC. Although usually handled in immaculately designed laboratories, this is an exercise that many companies prefer to do in their client's premises also. It is a very productive step for companies to hire one such service provider, given that they handle data in a professional manner, thus minimizing risk of data loss. Also, IT asset recovery service providers offer 'buy back' options to their clients, which enable companies to gain handsome amounts by selling their redundant IT assets.

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