• Every single year, Americans use hundreds of thousands of electronic goods for serving various necessities of their lives. No harm in that, for everyone has the right to lead a comfortable, fast and modern lifestyle. After all, there is no point in praising science if we don't use its boons.

    We all get happy when we bring home the hottest gadget on the street. But after a year or two, the object that we loved so much loses its charm and becomes useless for us. We start craving for another gizmo that is making news and the cycle goes on. Some day we rake up our old TV, toaster, or whatever it is, and just throw it away to free up some space.

    Imagine this being done by millions of people on the American soil, and billions of others around the world. Collectively, we stockpile mountains of discarded and redundant electronic goods. The gadgets we once loved are sometimes burned or used as landfills. Otherwise, it is simply shipped to third world countries by unscrupulous merchants, by which they earn unaccounted dollars. And who knows if these dollars are funding the terrorist attack in a church, a metro station or a school somewhere!

    Wherever the old, broken gadgets are being shipped to, harmful materials and toxic chemicals like lead and mercury escape into the atmosphere and lithosphere, thus causing severe harm and irreparable damage to our environment and ecology.

    Keeping all these factors in mind, it would be apt to say that companies who are into e-waste recycling are doing a great job! Generally, they serve as the starting point of the value chain that generates considerable value from scrap electronic goods. They do this by buying your scrap gadget, then segregating and sorting the useful and recyclable components from the defunct ones. These components are then used to manufacture another electronic circuit. What's in it for you? Handsome cash, of course! (Handsomeness is relative, so do check the actual figure you will get.)

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