• Every single day we are bombarded with new avatars of personal computer in some capacity. With increasing levels of competition, traditional PC makers are launching sleeker, faster and powerful computers. Their advertising campaigns are so powerful that it compels parents to succumb to the desires of their kids to bring home the latest model. On the other hand, pressing business needs and the urge to remain in the spotlight are pushing organizations and adult individuals to grab the hottest gadget. So far so good, but not everything is as rosy as it seems to be.

    To make things easier to understand, let us take an example. Suppose you decide to replace your old PC with a new one, which you have used for 5 years after buying it for $1000. Now, you are going to invest another $1000 for a new PC, but you are short of the budget by $100. Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone just comes to your home or office, picks up your old PC and give you a crunch $100 bill for that! Well, it can happen, if you want it to be.

    So, if you are planning to buy a new PC and scrap your old one, just perform the following steps:

    • Search the internet for an appropriate service provider.

    • Check for their credentials in computer recycling, collect their contacts and call them or drop an email in the prescribed format (usually given in their websites).

    • They will follow up with your case and contact you.

    • You can then discuss and negotiate about their 'buy back' scheme.

    • It's also likely that representatives from the concerned service provider will inspect the condition of your PC, before finally deciding the amount you will be getting in exchange for it.

    • If things don't work out, start searching for another service provider.

    • However, if the deal is closed, give a bye-bye hug to your old PC and do a Gangnam-style dance, for the cash is on its way to you!

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