• If, by the phrase 'asset recovery service' you are thinking about a team of muscular men with tattoos and braided locks, then you are absolutely nowhere near to the topic. It is not necessary that to recover assets, which is more than often someone's property, we need to apply brute force and tactics of intimidation. Although it is true in many cases of conventional recovery service, it is not so in this context.

    By asset recovery service, we mean recovery of computers from the verge of being scrapped and thrown away mindlessly. It naturally digs up a very relevant question that how on earth can this be a service! Yes it is and a very useful and successful business model too! There are loads of companies who are into providing electronic asset recovery service to commoners as well as corporations.

    There are several arguments floating in the market about the necessity and utility of asset recovery service. While not all are genuine, some of them definitely deserve recognition as the key points that prove the importance of such service and also the contribution this new genre of service can make to the society.

    • Firstly, your old computer might contain data, which in turn, can be personal in nature. When in the wrong hands, it can give a considerable amount of trouble in ways you can't even imagine. Asset recovery service providers usually intervene before anything gory happens. They mine for data on your hard disks and other storage media, and recover them in readily usable form.

    • Secondly, such service providers can recuperate sensitive or classified data that are crucial for business organizations and even governments. Be it anything simple like statistics on the price variation of potatoes across various states or something serious like the blueprint of a colossal building – they do it all.

    • The third and most alluring factor that clearly underlines the importance of such service is that they often offer buyback programs for old hard drives and storage media. If you already have upgraded your system and you don't need your old system anymore, you can earn handsome cash from redundant assets!

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